What our athletes have to say about us!

  • "What I love about this gym is that it's incredibly welcoming, very "come as you are" with no pressure to keep up in the workouts. You do what you can and the coaches encourage but don't push you. 10/10 and very happy to have this gym community in the East Village."

    ~ Sophie F. ~

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  • "So grateful for the gym, coaches, staff, and community!"

    ~ Leslie B. ~

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  • "Beast River has been a staple of my New York community since I moved here over two years ago. I have been a daily attendee since my first week here...The team and community is the best! can’t recommend highly enough."

    ~ Donald T. ~

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  • "Beast River fitness is the place that introduced me to CrossFit.

    I was a person who never would have tried it - absolutely no CrossFit for me. However, a friend brought me one morning and I’ve come almost every day since then... 10/10 would recommend - thanks!!"

    ~ Maddy O. ~

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  • "Awesome gym with great coaching and a great community. I've been going here for over 5 years and there's nothing in the neighborhood that even comes close."

    ~ Dan G. ~

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  • Photo of Rachel W.

    "At CFER, you would feel more like working out with a bunch of friends in a garage. The atmosphere is almost the opposite of intimidating. All the people here and coaches here are extremely friendly and helpful and just ordinary people that you would grab a drink after class with… I look forward to my gym time every day.”

    ~ Rachel W. ~

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  • Photo of Tatyana A.

    “I had a great experience… it made me love Crossfit…

    The coaches are nice attentive and patient. The culture is great- everybody supports each other, nobody looks down on you. I was a beginner so that was very important to me…"

    ~ Tatyana A. ~

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  • "Love it! Cool and friendly coaches, no repetitive and always different workouts, lots of creativity and lovely crowd. Keep it up, CrossFit East River."

    ~ Constantin F. ~

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