Head Coach

Melissa Leon

Melissa is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA). She has also completed her Pendlay Level 2 Olympic Weightlifting certification, the CrossFit Strongman, Mobility, Kettlebell, Endurance, Aerobic Capacity and Culinary Ninja Trainer courses, and has participated in rowing and gymnastics seminars. She is CPR/AED/First Aid certified by the American Red Cross.

If Melissa can do CrossFit, she says anyone can do CrossFit. Melissa loves the sense of community that CrossFit fosters, and believes that fitness and healthy nutrition should be expressed throughout a lifetime.

Melissa played high school and collegiate tennis. She played both singles and doubles for Georgian Court University, where she majored in English and Journalism.

Melissa, a self-proclaimed “foodie,” found a true passion for nutrition and food education after she was introduced to the Paleo and Zone diets several years ago. Her self-experimentation with food, cooking and nutrition has taken her on an incredible journey that she loves sharing with as many people as possible.

Melissa has competed in numerous CrossFit and Strongman competitions. She firmly believes that women should embrace and develop their strength, and that CrossFit provides an ideal atmosphere for both men and women to embrace their inner athlete – and have a blast doing it.

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