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How do I start CrossFit?
Easy! First attend a free trial session (see link above) before committing to a membership. If all goes well you’ll be able to start Foundations. All our membership options include Foundations. Graduating Foundations is mandatory for all new athletes at CrossFit East River.

What is Foundations?orig
Foundations is our beginner’s course at CrossFit East River. The goal of Foundations is not to turn you into Rich Froning but simply to set you up for long-term training success.

    • Foundations consists of three one hour sessions, they can be completed in any order. 
    • Tuesday 7:30pm: focus on deadlifts,  cleans, and mobility work.
    • Thursday 7:30pm: focus on air, back, front, overhead squats, presses, push presses, push jerks, and using WODIFY.
    • Saturday 12:30pm: focus g on pull-ups, ring dips, kettlebells, and nutrition.
    • Instructed by CrossFit L-1 and Olympic Weightlifting Certified trainers.
    • Includes a Workout of the Day (WOD.)
    • We also offer a 2 session private option, for an additional fee, contact us to set up a private session

Is CrossFit for me?
Yes, absolutely! CrossFit is scalable and adaptable for everyone, no matter your level of fitness or your age. Make no mistake, though: CrossFit isn’t easy. Like anything, if you want real results, you’ll need to put in hard work and be committed. Lucky for you, CrossFit is constantly varied and a TON of fun!

Will CrossFit make me bulky?
No. Ladies, give this a read. Ladies, also read this.

I’m a total gym rat already, do I NEED Foundations?
Yes. This is generally non-negotiable, but if you can demonstrate knowledge, safety and efficiency of the movements in our programming – including the Olympic lifts – you might be able to test out of Foundations. Ask a coach during your free trial class!

What should I bring?
Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a positive attitude. Yup, that’s it! We have lockers and cubbies for you to stash your belongings during class. (Bring a lock if you want to.)

Can I work out on my own in your gym after Foundations?
Yes, we offer Open Gym time daily.

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