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CrossFit East River – WOD

“When you complain, nobody wants to help you.” – Steven Hawking

Complaining is a contagious disease. And the worst part about it – it feels valid. Especially in that precise moment, it always feels justified.

It’s not going to be the small instance today or next week that will make the difference. This disease does not kill overnight. It’s the culmination that will… a death of a thousand cuts. Invisibly day-by-day taking the life and opportunity away from not only us, but those around us.

Complaining doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a conscious choice, every time, which means we can consciously choose to control it.

Never whine, never complain, never make excuses.


1: Shoulder Press (Build to a 1RM)


2: Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

27 AB Mat Situps

18 Jumping, alternating, lunges

9 Push Presses (95/65)