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We will be open tomorrow! It’s only 10″…

7am, 1130 and 6pm WODs only.

For Load:
2 Rep Tempo Front Squat – sub maximal
(3 sec down, 3 sec pause at bottom, 3 sec up)

9 minute AMRAP
20 Burpee Box Jumps 20″
20 Front Squats 65/35
15 Burpee Box Box Jumps 20″
15 Front Squats 95/65
10 Burpee Box Jumps 20″
10 Front Squats 115/85
5 HSPU (no scaling allowed)
5 Front Squats 155/115

-Weights cannot be scaled for this WOD
-If you become stuck at a weight or movement, finish out the remaining time with burpees. This will result in a two part score. Ie: 70 reps + 30 burpees
-Step-ups are allowed
-You will only use one bar. The time it takes you to add weight to the barbell is part of your time.