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Are you ready to transform yourself?

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Congratulations, you survived the holidays and you’re ready to FOCUS ON YOU. 

Our 2018 Transformation Challenge is here. We’ve created a 90-day program to create a LASTING and SUSTAINABLE change toward your approach to nutrition and fitness.

With the 2018 Transformation Challenge, we’ve integrated 3 separate programs to jump-start you on your fitness journey. Hard work is going to be required but the results will be well worth it. First is our Foundations program, which will consist of your first week in the gym. This is where we not only introduce you to the physical movements of CrossFit, but also our philosophy toward a sustainable, healthy and balanced diet.

Next is a 5-week clean eating challenge. Anyone can keep processed foods off their plate for 5 weeks, right? We’re going to measure both your body composition and physical performance before the challenge and after, so you can see how real the results are in 5 weeks.

Finally, for those up to the challenge, we’re going to give you the opportunity to participate in the CrossFit Open. Whether you’re new to CrossFit and doing your first Open or a seasoned veteran you’re going to get a lesson in community. You’ll learn no matter what your fitness goals are you’ll further with our squad behind you. 

You will NEED to put in HARD WORK. Our community is the secret ingredient to success. We’ll be here to guide you, and you’ll have the accountability of your fellow CFER athletes. What are you waiting for? Sign up now. 

Star your fitness journey today!

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