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Weightlifting Club

The Beast River Weightlifting Club is a club for weightlifting-specific programming. Athletes will train at least 6 hours/week on Olympic lifts, squats and accessory movements to build strength, stability, flexibility and power in the snatch and clean & jerk.
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East Village, NY

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Coaching Staff

Mark Griffin, known to his friends as Griff, previously worked as a stuntman and personal trainer before finding his home in the CrossFit community. Griff’s passion for the art of movement and anatomy stems from his extensive martial arts

Mark Griffin

An Aussie from Sydney, Rashel now lives in the East Village, where she has found a new home and community among the hundreds of other Aussies here. Growing up on the track and field, she truly enjoys running and has participated in the sport

Rashel Hoover

Endurance Coach
Rachel came to yoga looking for fitness, but she found so much more. Strength, flexibility and balance grew not only in her body but in her mind, as well. She’s currently studying trauma-informed yoga for individuals suffering with mental

Rachel Martin

Yoga Instructor
Kevin grew up playing baseball, hockey and soccer, but he eventually focused on swimming and water polo throughout high school and college, where he competed at the NCAA National Championships and was a 5x All-American. In 2010, after

Kevin O’Rourke

Matthew is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. He came into CrossFit after first being exposed to it while living in Barcelona, Spain. His background in competitive sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse) instantly drew him into the intensity

Matthew Hughes

Jay is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, as well as Pendlay Olympic Lifting Level 2 certified. Jay is a lifelong athlete and has been a CrossFitter since 2010. He remembers being totally floored after his first workout and making a commitment to never

Jay Goebel

Brad has been athletic his entire life, from hiking and climbing to racquet sports and ultimate Frisbee. However, he avoided gyms until finding CrossFit in 2012. The variety of movements and competitive workouts kept his interest, but it was the

Brad Hoover

Formerly a competitive CrossFitter and coach at Forged Fitness in North Carolina, Heather was introduced to the Olympic lifts through CrossFit. After a few year of competing and coaching, she was introduced to the sport of weightlifting by

Heather Farmer

Weightlifting Coach
Melissa is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA). She has also completed her Pendlay Level 1 and 2 Olympic Weightlifting certification, the CrossFit Strongman, Mobility, Kettlebell and Endurance Trainer courses,

Melissa Leon

Head Coach
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